How This Course will benefit your child

We have taken the world's most famous and research driven spoken English course - Engelmann's Direct Instruction Spoken English - and modified it especially for Indian students.

  • Your child will become a fluent English speaker in just 400 classes
  • Starting with first 100 classes your child will learn 1,300 words, 50 sentence structures, & all tenses in English
  • In every lesson, students speak and hear 1,500 words of English
  • Personalized course based on starting level, with individual feedback from expert teachers
  • It is proven to boost students' confidence, improve grammar, expand vocabulary, and build fluency

Our curriculum


Based on Engelmann's principles of Direct Instruction, proven to make your child a fluent English speaker in the fastest possible time. Lessons delivered entirely in English.


Assessments every 15 lessons and we quiz for understanding in each lesson.


Our teachers correct all your mistakes & get you speaking perfect English quickly.


Our teachers revisit material at scientifically paced intervals to aid long term memory.


Our lessons involve learning & speaking about multiple topics, just like real conversation.

Expert teachers & an international curriculum

About Us

Small group classes
Small group classes for maximum teacher attention.

Speaking homework via app
Students practice speaking English every day using our app.

English specialists
English language specialists trained by US/UK faculty.

Regular assessments
Assessments with individual feedback reports every 15 lessons.

Students and parents love our lessons.
Hear it from them, not us.

Frequently asked questions

Our lessons are 1 hour. This involves 45 minutes of structured learning, and 15 minutes where students practice speaking more freely and creatively on subjects chosen by the teacher.

We have developed a 400 class course to make any one a fluent english speaker. Your will start with a 100 lesson course personalised by their starting level. They will then take 3 more installments of 100 lessons, becoming a fluent speaker by lesson 400.

The course tests primarily spoken English and listening comprehension. However, at some points, students will read text and display comprehension. Taking this course will indirectly boost students’ reading and writing skills.

Yes. After each installment of 100 lessons, Students earn a The Queen’s English certificate.

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